Monday, April 25, 2011

What is your experience with service dogs?

The comments on the next post were received via our Facebook page.  Do you have any experiences with service dogs?

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  1. Jean Marshall
    Yes I do. I rescued my German Shepherd when she was 10 weeks old. Her birthday is May 20, 2005.Her name is " Star ".Deafness/Hearing impaired in 1997,no other symptoms. May 2000 I was DX with MS. I started taking LDN in March 2001 3mg nightly. I will continue until a cure is found. I have a very mild form of MS. But I have lost 51% of my hearing. Star and I trained together. I didn't want anyone else to train her. We continue training everyday. I speak to her using some german dog commands. That all started because my daughter who was 8 yrs old when I resucued her thought it would be fun to learn some german.There is no price tag attached to Star. She's my best friend. We walk together,swim together and I soon will be teaching her to follow along as I ride my bike. She is always leashed while we are in public.