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“In fact, an organization called msbeyondmeds was started by a mother and daughter team who want to "open a dialogue" among people with MS, our docs and those close to us about the benefits of service dogs. They also want to improve access to these dogs by convincing government agencies and insurance companies that service dogs really do improve the quality of life of people with MS. Check out their website for all sorts of service dog info.”

And my reply:

I can't thank you enough for recognizing our work and mentioning us. First and foremost, we love dogs. Neither Liz nor I has been without a dog for more than a few months at a time. When Liz and her sister and brother were growing up, we always had 3 Dobermans at a time--3 kids in 4 years, 3 dogs, what a crazy house we lived in.
We know that having a dog contributes immeasurably to your quality of life, whether you have MS or not. We're focusing on specially trained service dogs because they can do so much more for the person with MS. Check out or website or find us on Facebook at MS Beyond Meds. You'll gain a new understanding of how much service dogs really can do.
Specifically, we are planning a research project to prove that service dogs enhance the quality of life for MS patients. (Liz is a medical researcher, having done both qualitative and quantitative research for 20 years.) We want the results of our research to influence the medical community and providers of medical insurance. With real numbers, we know we can achieve our goals.
Dogs rock!

Joanne Gruskin

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  1. Brenda M BodanzaJune 29, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    I just love what is being said here. It is such a blessing to have a serice dog for I now have secondary progressive MS. I can't imagine my life without the help and unconditional love from my angel. No matter what I drop, Lib is there most times before I ask. There is not a day that she does not bring laughter into my home. She is the sun on a cloudy day. I believe that the human population needs to be educated on the importance that a service dog can do for us MSers as many are ignorant to the need. I believe because it isn't the norm that many just don't understand, along with many professionals. Having a service dog is a God Sent when you have a disease that inhibits you from many enjoyable things in life. I no longer have to avoid things that I was fearful to face, for Liberty is always by my side ready to take on the world with me!!!!!!