Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Masquerading Service Dogs (and I don't mean Halloween)

When I asked my favorite service dog person, Chris Tejcek of My Angel with Paws, about my disgust for people who dress their pets up as service dogs to gain entry into places they wouldn't normally be allowed, here is her response.  She says it better than I ever could:

"It would be extremely difficult for any “certification” to be put in place as there are tons of people that will train their own dog without the aid of a service dog organization. Many service dog organizations charge a lot of money for a dog which would allow only people with the financial means to afford a service dog. Many folks requiring a service dogs are on fixed incomes. I have seen some awesome dogs that were trained by their owners.

The problem is not the people that need the service dogs but the people that want the loophole to take their pets with them. This is an integrity issue. I feel the people that are taking their pet dogs out in vest without cause are very disrespectful to anyone with a disability that needs a dog. It’s like the gun laws to me. Take the guns away from law abiding citizens and the bad guys will still get the guns like they always did. Good people with integrity don’t do bad things.

It is a tough issue that is debated continually."

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