Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Regarding Cough Medicine for MS

My Comment on the Article

I found the article on your Cough Medicine/MS study interesting and exciting.  One ingredient in the cough medicine, dextromethorphan, is the component that the research was based on.  However, I fear that people with MS will start drinking cough medicine. ("Drinking" is the operative word because some cough medicines contain alcohol.)  I've been working on a project with MS patients focusing on service dogs and their effects on the quality of life of MS patients, and have met and communicated with many people with MS. One of the common threads that I have found is a willingness to try any treatment regardless of warnings, dangers and side effects.  This article should have contained information on whether MS patients could safely try dextromethorphan and how to do it.  I fear that there are other ingredients in some cough medicines that may interfere with the effectiveness of other medications.

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