Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is Everyone Heartless?

Read this and think.

Coming from the real estate world, I was horrified and furious while reading this article.

Here is my reply:
     The wheels of justice turn so slowly.  But, this isn't about justice, it's about heartlessness. It's about discrimination. It's about selfishness. It's about people who don't love their neighbors as they do themselves.
     Why does this feel like the political scene? Politicians have, unfortunately, encouraged everyone to be mean-spirited.  Why?  I fear it's all because the white house isn't so white any more. Have we as a nation really returned to the fifties?
     We can't fight any of this alone. No one can go to court without lots of money.  Please, everyone who does still have a heart, take up these causes and offer legal counsel so none of these people is alone.

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