Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Information about Service Dogs on Cruises

This is the text of an email I received. If you are planning a cruise, the information will be helpful:

If you Google service dog on a cruise you'll find a lot of traveler forums where people discuss their experiences.

Note that that only applies while the dog is on board a cruise line that left from a US port.

The dog might not be allowed entry into a foreign country, or require specific forms or pre-notification. But it would be allowed to stay crated in the passenger's cabin while they went ashore.

The cruise line can get you the information about individual port rules.

In addition to the DOT regulations, the ADA itself does apply to cruise ships that leave from US ports that provide overnight stays as "places of public accommodation." Note that this is different from air carriers.

However, cruises that start from other countries are subject to different laws. So you need to be specific about the exact cruise under consideration.

If you have detailed questions about the laws, you can always start with the ADA helpline and they'll direct you to the appropriate department. (

For individual traveler experiences, check the various forums.

It is legal for the cruise line to ask for a description of what the animal does, just as a store can under the ADA. I believe that, unlike stores or hotels, they can also require pre-notification and perhaps health certificates, the ADA info-line would know.

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  1. Hi! I work with Chris and My Angel With Paws. Love your website/blog. I took Serena on a cruise ship to the caribbean last year as part of her training. She was 10 months old. If you have any questions about it let me know! Here is one of my blog entries about our experience: